04 January 2011

New Fusion Wing - Intermediate reflex wing from Paramania

Being is this hobby sometime can be very expansive (this hobby is already expansive to start with) if you have big appetite like me...hehehe :)). After so many years flying a beginner wings and my good old reflex I decided to move to intermediate class wing.

Why you may ask...it is because intermediate wing offer more fun and dynamic handling and for those of you wondering what I'm talking about, its like comparing a sedan and a sport car.Furthermore I like to move my skill up and learn on new wing.

Paramania came out with new intermediate reflex wing called Fusion with EN-C certification and a new Malaysia dealer had offer me a good price that I cant resist... a big discount from normal retail price. Luck was on my side, after offering around my old wing to ppg community, I received a purchase offer from someone. Once we agreed on the price the guy came and collect my old wing.. With cash in hand I quickly made my order and had to wait 1 months+ before I get my Fusion with Sahara theme..

I bought size 29 or L size, since I will be flying it with my trike with all up weight of 133kg. On my first flight, I feel at home with the wing immediately and I really like the handling and control. Its so precise and smooth..Launching is easy and landing also smooth. In the air, I feel so much confident which allow me to explore more of its characteristic.. This wing is fast and during XC flying, I left my friend for about a kilometer..

There is more to tell about this wing and I will tell after I clock more hours with it..

Tandem Flying..

After years of flying solo and after made some saving from this flying hobby, I bought myself a tandem unit. Basically a bigger engine, a trike and a tandem wing. Of course all this not with my money but with help of some friend..

After familiar myself with my trike, I fly with my 3 angels successfully. They beaming with a smile and ask me for more.. I myself delighted for the tandem experience after years of flying solo..

30 May 2009

Engine maintenance..

After hours of faithful service, my Nirvana is due for some cleaning and service. This was evidence as for the past several weekends flying I have difficulty to kill my engine. Both the kill switches (master and secondary switch) fail to stop the engine. I suspect this caused by faulty wiring. Lucky my landing was uneventful and my touch down always standing still.

So last friday upon back from work, I did a minor surgery to my engine to diagnose the kill switch problem. Using Fluke 1000 multimeter I check and test continuity of all the switches and wire. The kill switch at the throttle was not in good condition as the housing has cracked and the metal plate inside the switch has rusted so I change it. After spending minutes on it I found out the wire that goes to the kill switch was cut by the edge of pull starter plastic housing due to vibration.

After I cleaned up all the connection, I unsheathe the wire that was cut,rejoined it using solder and cover the join with head shrink tube bought at ACE Hardware. This ensure the join is strong and prevent it from touching engine body that will cause unnecessary inconvenience or dead stick landing if the engine quit midair. I also discover that the wire that connect to battery charger is also cut which is why my battery pack was never get charge during flight and I have to resort using external battery charger to charge my battery.

Once all the wire connection repaired and corrected, I remount the engine and reconnect all the wire connectors. I also adjusted the throttle cable by making sure it got enough travel to open the walbro carburator butterfly opening to maximum without stressing the stopper plate. Its important to have this set right so I can get precise power setting while in the air. Then I fill up petrol to the tank, crank the engine for a while to get it run. I press the kill switch which now work and my engine can stop properly now.

I'm glad I service my engine and I plan to do this regularly to keep my engine in good shape. All this done only cost me few 'ringgit' for the heat shrink tube, the push-button switch,some sweat and few hours of my time for many hours of trouble free flying time.

Fly safe..........

24 April 2009

Flying at Bandar Saujana Putra

BSP From above
It's been months and I don't write anything tho there are a lots in my head I want to post. All these due to mountain of project documents I need to finish at work, an this give me little time which barred me to put my thought into words hence zero posting since my first was out. Okay..okay enough making excuses for my laziness
Weather is blistering hot this whole week and rain occasionally in the evening. I pray hard, hoping that weekend be blessed with beautiful weather. And how grateful I am when Saturday arrived it came with bright blue sky and smooth breeze..perfect for me to enjoy the sky.
I arrived at BSP flightPark with Kamarul and quickly setup our gear. The breeze was calm and after unfolding my revolution wing on the ground, I pull the A risers and the wing rise up, lock over my head and it hold nicely. Once satisfied that the wing lines were free from tangle I put it down gently facing the wind, then I carry my motor with 4 liters fuel on my back to takeoff position. And with slight press on the starter button the engine roared to life. What a beutiful sound it was..

I then clip the risers to my harness karabiners and do my preflight check the 2nd time.. satisfied, I face forward and start to make my run. As I move forward and pull the As risers, the wing came up perfect, I squeeze the throttle just enough for the propeller thrust to push me forward. After few steps I was lifted off the ground and begun climbing, a moment later I reach 300ft and I start fly circuit around the field waiting for Kamarul to come up.

A shortwhile later Kamarul join me up in the sky. Together we flew toward Putra Height and enjoying the scenery. I cant describe how beautiful the view was unless you were together with me on the flight.

An hour later we turn back to LZ and slowly made our landing approach and with light touch on the brakes and with little wind blowing toward me, I land feather perfect. 15 minutes later Kamarul join me landing and both of us pack our gear and headed home.

Thats all for now..see you in next posting

23 April 2009

1st Putrajaya Int Balloon Fiesta 2009

Hi All
We meet again and thanks for stoping by.. On 17/4/09, My Paramotor Team was invited to do a show at 1st Putrajaya Int Ballon Fiesta. As early as 7:30am , the sky of Putrajaya was populated with 17 hot air balloons with various colors and shape that come from country like Belgium, Japan, England, France,Holland,USA and many other countries that I cant remember their name. Since this type of event is very rare in Malaysia the excitement of being part of the team for this event was unspeakable. It really a beautiful sight..

Our Paramotor team was asked to perform simple aerial display after the balloon has took off . Otherwise there is nothing for people to see on the air except to visit the booths erected nearby. There were 6 of us doing fly-by performing basic aerial formation such as diamond, arrow, flying circuit etc.

Parent with kids were enjoying the scene and photographers busy snapping photos of us flying. It was a great event and people got to know how the balloon pilot setup their equipment ie: connecting the basket/gondola to the balloon attachment, using the motored-fan to blow the air into the balloon opening and then heat the air with flame inside the balloon to rise up the balloon. Then the pilots climb into the basket, squeezing more gas to make the flame bigger and when enough hot air generated inside, the balloon balloon+basket slowly lift off and start climbing up. For climb rate and altitude of the balloon travel, the pilot control the size of the flame. Most hot air balloon has no propulsion neither a rudder to steer for direction, it relies on wind direction to move about and it is flown in calm air. When the wind strength reduce, the pilot decrease the hot air volume in the balloon to land. Since they have no control of the direction, the landing can be anywhere and the extraction team will come to aid them.

At PIBF-2009 the balloon fly around 5km radius from the takeoff spot. When they land, the 4X4 Team help extract the balloon pilot from their landing spot and bring them back. I was told by the organizer the event is a big success that the next show will be bigger and grander as they will try to get sponsorship & fund from Ministry of Youth & Sport. Judging from the public response for this event, I'm sure they will get the $$$..

That's all for now. Enjoy the pictures..

26 March 2009

My flying gear

Hahaha..when flying paramotor you can fly in style like me.. wearing shade. The helmet which protect me from unintentional bump, has a mic+speaker which connect to a 2 ways radio. This allow me to communicate with my friend when flying. The earmuff help to reduce engine noise and protect my ear.

Below is my flying gear. My paramotor engine is Nirvana electric imported from Czech Republic. It is powered by 210cc Solo Engine with 115cm carbon propeller. The tank can hold 9.5 liters of petrol and if I want I can fly for almost 3 hrs. It generates max 55kg of thrust to push me up. The body is laminated fibre glass with harness attachment. It was very comfortable in flight and look handsome too. The weight is 23kg dry.

My wing is Paramania Revolution with reflex profile. To find more information about this wing, go here Flyparamania.com

16 March 2009

My First Flight

When I started this hobby, I wasnt sure whether I'am up to it. My boss, friend at work call me crazy and said the hobby dangerous. But I pay little attention of what they said, this is my childhood dream, somehow I have to work hard on it to realize it. Furthermore I'm not that lucky person who pilot B747 for living.

I start by going to local air carnival (not many organized here) and visited the booth that display the para equipment and start asking silly questions just like regular person. To my surprise the person that manning the booth was not customer friendly and act like a robot. That mean you if you ask 1 word he reply one word. Never even want to answer my questions seriously. I feel disappointed on my first encounter and this make me rethink my intention to join this sport.

Many months and years later I joined group of RC Flying Model enthusiast and luck was on my side as this hobby make way for me to get closer to people that has interest like me...flying. Tho they only fly RC Model, the experience and knowledge they had plus some knowledge that I gathered from the internet thought me about aviation, its discipline and risk. So I learned alot f stuffs. Believe me when you have good knowledge about aviation, learning to fly become easy as all the theories are already in your head.

There was this day when I'm flying my RC Heli at Cyberjaya suddenly I saw a guy flying with a paramotor orbiting behind me. I was astounded and I quickly land my RC Heli, packed my things and dash to the place where the paramotor guy landed. There were 2 guys there, one introduce himself as Wan was the guy with nice looking paramotor unit call Nirvana and the other one call himself Wak. We quickly introduce each other and start a friendly conversation and I got to know that Wan just completed the paramotor course with Mat Salleh instructor.

While Wak just started and just bought a wing and built his own paramotor unit using a motorcycle engine. Wak's engine does look scary but after learning about his background and his high passion about flying I have to give him a salute for his DIY engine. Both of them were looking for new people to expand their paramotor team and I was quickly accepted to be part of their team. After learning basic kitting and know how to handle the wing properly a few months later I bought myself an engine. Used one of course to keep my start up cost at minimal.

The following week after received my engine I was ready to attempt my 1st SOLO flight. Under Wan supervision and after getting the setup right, I started the engine and warm up the engine for awhile. When the morning breeze came, I move forward and pull the A risers firmly. The wing came up nicely and Wan give a 2 thumb up mean everything were good. I accelerate the engine and speed up my running forward until I was lifted up to the air. While maintaining the engine speed I pull myself into the harness and start piloting the glider around the field. While fear was in me, the joy and excitement of flying suppress my fear. This was my first taste of flying and I enjoy it very much and I can tell you I wont stop for one time only.

After fly circuit a few rounds I decided to land because the engine start to acting up and sound rough. I make a turn and make my landing approach towards the wind. About 10 meter from the ground I turned off the engine and got off the harness. With steady direction control to my landing spot then about few feets from the ground I pull full brake and touch my leg softly for a safe landing. There was a big grin on my face and Wan came to me, shake my hand, congratulate me and said ' Welcome to the world of flying paramotor'.

I just touch the surface of flying this personal aircraft and I knew I wont stop here, there is still so much to learn. Whatever it is I'm delighted as my dream to fly is realized.