04 January 2011

New Fusion Wing - Intermediate reflex wing from Paramania

Being is this hobby sometime can be very expansive (this hobby is already expansive to start with) if you have big appetite like me...hehehe :)). After so many years flying a beginner wings and my good old reflex I decided to move to intermediate class wing.

Why you may ask...it is because intermediate wing offer more fun and dynamic handling and for those of you wondering what I'm talking about, its like comparing a sedan and a sport car.Furthermore I like to move my skill up and learn on new wing.

Paramania came out with new intermediate reflex wing called Fusion with EN-C certification and a new Malaysia dealer had offer me a good price that I cant resist... a big discount from normal retail price. Luck was on my side, after offering around my old wing to ppg community, I received a purchase offer from someone. Once we agreed on the price the guy came and collect my old wing.. With cash in hand I quickly made my order and had to wait 1 months+ before I get my Fusion with Sahara theme..

I bought size 29 or L size, since I will be flying it with my trike with all up weight of 133kg. On my first flight, I feel at home with the wing immediately and I really like the handling and control. Its so precise and smooth..Launching is easy and landing also smooth. In the air, I feel so much confident which allow me to explore more of its characteristic.. This wing is fast and during XC flying, I left my friend for about a kilometer..

There is more to tell about this wing and I will tell after I clock more hours with it..

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